5 Ideas for Instagram Stories When You're Stuck

Photo by  Jakob Owens  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Instagram Stories are a relatively new feature just being over a year old, but it's finally catching on! Early adopters in the past year have seen incredible growth and engagement by being the first ones to use Instagram Stories and you can too! 

Many businesses are not using this great feature yet or those who are using it are posting things that have nothing to do with each other. If you take one things away from today its that Instagram Stories are about STORIES. When your posts jump from one thing to another its a turn-off for your audience. Like any book, movie or podcast, your Instagram Stories need to have a progression and a beginning, middle and end.

Keeping the above in mind, here are 5 ideas that can launch you to InstaStory success!

1. Your day

Although our business days may blend into each other and seem all the same, your audience has no idea what it's like. It may sound boring to you because you live your days every day, but other's don't know what you have to go through. No two days are quite the same and each day is a story in itself. 

You can talk about the meeting you have to go through, your excitements, your fears, your business learnings, your accomplishments for the day. Think of how you can document your business story in an interesting way that shows who you are as a person and as a business. 

2. Sneak Peak of Projects

Is your business having a product launch, adding a new item to the menu or redecorating one of your room? Not only are you sharing something that's exciting (and potentially the tips, advice and learnings) you're inevitably building anticipation.

Within sales and marketing to get a lead or sell anything, a person needs to hear about it at least 7 times. Captivating attention, showing sneak peeks and providing an experience creates a loyalty you need for the time you launch.

In the end, people love seeing the progression of things and following a story. You don't have to give away all your tricks, but show them a sneak peek!

3. Your team

Do you have a team of rockstars? I bet you do! Show off your team and your office in action on a regular day. Not only is it a great way to show recognition to the people building your business, but it's also a great way to connect with your followers.

People relate to people. There's a reason why social media posts with faces do, on average, 40% better than posts without faces. We are social creatures born into societies and from a young age we learn to monitor faces for approval, emotions and communication.

So, don't be afraid to show the faces behind the logo every once in a while! You can start today by introducing at least one person on your team (it can even be you!). Make it fun, entertaining and informational!

4. Inspiration

Have you found a relevant quote, blog or video? You can link it in your Instagram Stories and say why it resonated with you! Or if your business has the capacity, look at your own business and create inspirational content from your own experiences.

People are always searching for inspiration and motivation. Everyone has days where they feel down and unmotivated. But what if you can be the reason they decide to explore a new city and stay at your hotel? Or the reason why they go outside their comfort zone and try your new dish? Be a source of positivity and good - and people will flock to your business.

5. Your products

Every once in awhile it’s nice to remind people that you have ways to help them! As a general rule of thumb, you want your social media posts to have a ratio of 80 to 20. 80 percent of your Instagram Stories should be entertaining, interesting, valuable to your audience while 20 percent is about your brand. 

When you do toot your horn just a little bit, add stories about your products or services. Then, once your 24-hour story is done, put it on your highlights reel so everyone visiting your profile page can see it!