Since 2015, Vita Zakhu has worked with online and brick & mortar brands in travel, hospitality, fashion, fitness, tech and healthcare to help their marketing goals, with emphasis in social media.

Founder & Digital Strategist

Founder & Digital Strategist

Vita is a social media and digital marketing consultant currently based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

A UCLA graduate in Anthropology with passport stamps from 20+ countries on 6 continents, she uses her broad experience and training as an essential part of understanding audiences, the marketplace and creating authentic communication between people and brands.

She is not only a traveler, a previous expat (Italy & Australia) and consumer of the hospitality and tourism industry herself, but also an analyst of people, society and culture that helps inform and create impactful digital campaigns for businesses within the travel industry.

Her passion is to help clients find their unique story and amplify their brand on a local level with global impact.

VitaSocial was created to bring the possibilities for businesses to grow their reach through proven tactics, and custom tailored digital campaigns for lasting impact to generate new customers and uncover new business opportunities.

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